Lost Socks: A Thing of the Past

Fritz 'n Chewy - Mesh Laundry Bag


$9.00 each

Make Losing Socks

a Thing of the Past

We have all lost socks. When washing socks, it doesn't ever seem to be a guarantee that when you put a pair of socks through a laundry cycle, that both socks will make it out in the end. There are rumors out there of  sock eating washers and dryers, other instances of socks getting stuck in other clothes, and socks that just seem to vanish into thin air. As a result, we all seem to have those 5 or 6 single socks lying in our sock drawer, with hopes that we will one day reunite them with their match. Perhaps next laundry cycle, perhaps a month from now, perhaps one day...

Washing your socks in a mesh laundry bag can make losing socks a thing of a past. Get yours now and further prevent this from happening to your favorite Fritz 'n Chewy socks.