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We paired our love and passion for two things...socks and dogs!

Socks have been historically used as a functionary item, with limited comfort. We see socks as a form of expression and believe living in color is much better than just black and white. A subtle way to reflect one's personality and add color to the world.

Like our Thoughtful Partners, each of our designs have their own unique way of contributing to our greater vision. Our goal of making this world look foot at a time.

We paired our love for socks with our desire to make an impact on the world, specifically in the lives of our furry friends. After rescuing both Fritz and Chewy from the streets of Southern California, we wanted to share our story and passion to make a difference.

Men and women at various organizations work their tails off to help provide a better life for our furry friends. We felt it was necessary to give some more attention to these great causes and help make an impact in our own way.

Gilles and Ben started the company together in 2016 after attending Sock University in South Carolina, but in 2021 Ben left the company due to family reasons and my wife, May Kim, stepped up and is a big reason for the growth of our business recently!


MEET FRITZ...aka Fritzy
3-month old pup that was rescued off the streets of Long Beach, CA. Bed head for days, looks like an old man. He loves to eat human food, has a split tongue, and missing one toe. Wouldn't have it any other way!
MEET CHEWY...aka Chewbacca
Rescued from Redondo Beach, CA. He was shy at first, but now this curious goof ball has energy for days! Has a bounce in his step and gladly hangs half his body out the car window. Good at all things that end in treats...or a good belly rub. 

(Not involved in the company anymore)


Co-founder and Owner

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