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With each purchase made, YOU contribute to the greater cause. A portion of each purchase is donated to pet rescue centers that aid in saving at risk dogs and cats. Your contributions support efforts to provide food, shelter, and love for animals in need. Proceeds go directly toward their rescue efforts, aiding in emergency medical costs and training processes necessary in facilitating a transition toward finding them a new home.

We're going to make this world a better dog at a time!

Buy One Give One



Fritz and Chewy has partnered with 3 amazing organizations that share our values to make the world a better place, each with their unique way of impacting the lives of our four-legged friends by connecting them with loving families and homes.


When shopping through our online store, we allow you to select the partner that connects best with you. You can also visit any of our authorized dealers and help support their favorite partner. Just like our online shop, every purchase gives back to a worthy cause!

No good action is too small to make a difference. We encourage you to shop where it matters, donate what you can, and help us spread the word.

Learn more about our Thoughtful Partners.

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